lördag 1 augusti 2015

At Pudong airport

Leaving with our 10 suitcases, 9 handbagage and Mao in his big box.

See you again Shanghai! Zai Wei as the Shanghainese say.

Checking out of House 27

What an unreal feeling leaving your friends at your house, them waving Good Bye to you and yourself leaving. For good..

I know I will come back to Windsor to visit friends, but not to live there. Last time we lived in Shanghai we lived in 5 different houses. This time house 27 were our place. But not anymore, Bye!!

House 27 in Windsor Park

Lucy, Els, Rikke, Ella and Anna came over to say Good Bye. 

Pot luck at our place 27

A very emotional last evening at house 27. Everyone brought a dish or two. Friends, food and wine! 
I love you all!!

We had a truely lovely evening! But sad... 

So many Farewells;(

So so sad to leave everyone! Ting and Jorg came over with the kids to say Farewell. 

Le Bec

A favourite restaurant for us all! The boys stayed at home, and Emma came with us.

We ended the evening at the Galsgaard place.

Ming Ming

I went to say Farewell to a very special little person. He is at the new home and gets well cared for now! But I do wish for him to get adopted!